Signature Electric’s Top 5 Blogs of 2020 for Thinking Future-Forward


We made a list. We checked it twice. When it comes to sustainability, we found out what’s naughty or nice. As we embark on a green new year together, check out Signature Electric’s top 5 blogs of 2020 for a little future-forward inspiration:

5. 2020 Canadian International Autoshow Wishlist

Sure, Tesla has pushed the envelope, but who else is driving us sustainably into the future? Here’s a round-up of the most future-forward vehicles from the 2020 Canadian International Autoshow. From battery-electric pick-up trucks, to sustainable muscle cars, sleek and stylish sedans for the whole family, the first electric SUV from Mercedes, fantastic-looking entertainment vehicles, the promise of Mini-EVs, and even the rise of sustainable autonomous vehicles, these are our dreamiest 2020 picks in future-forward design. What’s on your wishlist for 2021?


4. Can we go all-electric by 2050?

One of 2020’s notable highlights in sustainability was the City of Toronto approving a plan to reach 100 percent zero emissions from personal vehicles by 2050. The strategy for adopting electric vehicles across the GTA is to increase public charging networks, establish financial incentives, and update building codes. While only about 0.6 percent of Toronto’s vehicles are currently electric, the goal is to incrementally increase registered electric vehicles, so ultimately we can all breathe a little easier with decreased greenhouse gas emissions.


3. Future Proofing: The Signature Electric way

To understand where electric vehicle charging is going, we take a look back at where it all began. We explore the evolution of Signature Electric’s EV installations and what we’ve learned about future-proofing EV charging solutions for today and tomorrow. Calling all homeowners, condo residents, and property managers: Watch this video.


2. How Elon Musk’s Brother Fits 5 Acres of Farmland into a Shipping Container

From the surreal extremes of empty grocery shelves to farms dumping fresh produce, Covid-19 underscored the urgency to our fresh food supply chain. With food being shipped thousands of miles around the world to big cities, we’re growing increasingly disconnected from our food. And by 2050 we’re going to need at least 109 hectares of new land to feed our population of 10 billion people. The question is: how can we become more sustainable with our food supply? For Kimbal Musk, Elon’s Musk’s younger brother (another tech guru and part Canadian), the answer is vertical farming. In this article, we explore how Kimbal is revolutionizing the farming process with his urban farming company, Square Roots.


1. Video: A sea of EV chargers

Get an insider peek at a downtown Toronto condominium fully ready for the mass adoption of electric vehicle charging. The garage features 11 chargers across 3 levels of an underground parking garage. In this video, Mark Marmer takes us on a personal tour, examining electric panel placement, power assessment, electrical room location, wireless communication, and what it all costs.

From all of us at the Electric Blog, thank you for your continued readership and for joining us on 2020’s truly electrifying ride. Here’s to a new year charged with joy, love, peace, and future-forward thinking!

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