Future Proofing: The Signature Electric way


To understand where electric vehicle charging is going, let’s take a look back to where it began. At Signature Electric, we’ve gained expertise in EV installations in a variety of arrangements. Through this journey, we can now advise prospective EV clients on the right tools to meet their charging needs for the many years ahead.

In this video, we discuss the best solution for today and into the future when it comes to EV charging.

Watch the video:

2012: Our first EV installation
Taking it back to 2012, we serviced some of the earliest adopters of EVs to get a working solution for their charging needs. Our first EV panel installation was a 2012 Fisker Karma, located in a shared-facilities condominium – the first of its kind.

Over the next few years, we did a handful of installations of chargers and meters, preparing us for the increased adoption that was to come.

2015: A customized solution
As EV adoption increased, we began to receive an onslaught of installation requests. To meet this challenge, we began to manufacture our own custom solution: The Signature Electric-branded EV Panel, built to respond to our ever-growing customer base. This panel allowed for power-sharing: the ability to charge the greatest amount of vehicles with the least amount of electricity used.

Through our conversations with customers and clients, we realized that standard EV charger panels were not necessarily the right solution for our customers. One of the challenges with EV breaker panels was that they were proprietary—both the panel and the software tied the customer to a single vendor. Ultimately, the end-users tended to shy away from closed-end purchases.

While this was a workable solution, deep down we knew that there was a better way coming, as new technologies emerged.

2018: A future-proof solution
Eventually, industry manufacturers caught up with our needs. New technology became available rendering our custom-built EV panels redundant. Now, our solution has evolved to put more power in the hands of our customers. We adopted an open approach with our own branded Signature Electric networked EV charger, meaning that the customers were not tied to any singular vendor and thus, can select from a number of software vendors without the need to change chargers. This approach also allows for the adoption of future software updates as they become available.

Our EV chargers are fully equipped with tap-card authentication, cloud-based connectivity and security. We can raise and lower the amperage as needed. In the future, cars may even be able to communicate with the chargers themselves, providing energy consumption readings, greater flexibility, and enhanced group control.

2021 & beyond…
The most critical thing for any new installation is for it to be future proof.

This is both an excellent solution for today, and an example of future-focused problem-solving. Our mission is to provide solutions that will serve you for the present and prepare you for the needs of the future.

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