Looking for seasoned advisors for your EV charging infrastructure strategy?

Whether you need a helping hand at the early planning stage or a full A-Z service delivery, our team of experts put you in charge effortlessly — every step of the way.

As your partners in all things EV, we apply our deep expertise and extensive experience to deliver an end-to-end strategic plan. We’ll help you investigate, plan, design, and implement the right EV charging infrastructure for your business, building, and/or network of facilities.

  • Phase 1Intake and Proposal

    We begin with a complimentary phone or video call to discuss your current state — from your short and long term needs and goals, to your key project stakeholders. If we’re a fit, we’ll customize a proposal for delivering your EV charging strategy, along with a clear breakdown of the costs.

  • Phase 2Data Analysis and Educational Sessions

    Our team of experts will visit your site to conduct a complete assessment and engineer a load evaluation for your power threshold. We’ll also interview and survey your key stakeholders, to identify your key priorities and optimal solutions. Along with a detailed analysis, we’ll provide you and your stakeholders with educational sessions — to help you make the right choices and maximize the functionality and benefits of EV charging, including:

    • Choosing fleet or public charging (or a combination)
    • Controlling traffic
    • Billing users
    • Sharing chargers
    • Monitoring usage
    • Future-proofing
    • Taking a phased approach
    • Secondary benefits (ie. engaging your community, generating new income with chargers)

  • Phase 3Strategic Direction and Planning

    We’ll design an end-to-end strategic plan for your EV charging infrastructure, including:

    • EV Charging Policy
    • Hardware Selection (number of chargers, installation location, Level 2 or 3 charging)
    • Software Selection
    • Installation (obtaining and reviewing quotations, meeting potential contractors, preparing tender documents, applying for installation rebates, leasing or financing charging equipment)
    • Maintenance and Repair

  • Phase 4Evaluation and Implementation

    We’re not only your advisors in planning, but also in cost-effective execution. Our team will provide you with the professional expertise to ensure all of your needs are met. We’ll help you implement, manage, and supervise your project — from issuing plans to obtaining an electrical engineer, selecting an installer, and overseeing the work.

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EV Charging Infrastructure
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EV Charging Infrastructure
Strategic Planning

50 Critical Questions to Consider

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