Our mission

We strive to set the standard of excellence for the electrical contracting industry, by delivering unsurpassed value and satisfaction to our clients.

Our vision


Here to bring the future of electricity to today’s infrastructure.

Technology will always change, affecting our clients’ businesses and our own operations to deliver value.

Signature Electric will continue to stay on top of new opportunities from emerging technologies, to help our clients and communities make informed choices that will impact people’s lives.


  • We will always explore new emerging technologies, to decide what to adopt and adapt for our clients and communities.
  • We will never stop improving processes, operations, and performances, to deliver unsurpassed value and satisfaction to our clients and communities.
  • We will continue setting new standards of excellence for the electrical contracting industry, by evolving best practices, educating, and training others.


  • Lead with a forward-thinking mindset.
  • Serve with a can-do attitude.
  • Work as a team. Have each other’s back.
  • Tinker curiously. It can lead to breakthroughs.
  • Teach what you learn. Practice what you teach.
  • Care for people first. Value technology second.


Where we have been

Humble beginnings

Mark Marmer - Founder
Mark Marmer - Founder

In 1985 when our business began, we didn’t have fax machines, we used typewriters to create invoices, and copies were made on carbon paper. Clients left messages with our answering service, which then pushed messages to our pagers.

Signature Electric Van
Signature Electric Van

At the time, nobody was concerned about energy efficiency and conservation, but that didn’t stop us from figuring out ways for it. By the time sustainability was important to our clients, we had already developed effective solutions, and Signature Electric became synonymous with sustainable technology. This humble beginning of curious tinkering continues to be our way forward, to innovate and solve complex challenges for our clients and communities.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Over the years as technologies evolve with the times, we continue operating at the edge of innovation and early adoption. From occupancy sensors, to electric vehicle chargers, to solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls, our clients and communities count on us to bring the future to their today.

While many things have changed since our first days in business, some things will always remain:

  • Our dedication to our clients.
  • Our protection of clients’ trust.
  • Our drive to solve complex challenges.
  • Our passion for emerging technologies.
  • Our attention to detail in getting the job done.

What we have achieved

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Our Commitment to Health & Safety

To continue delivering excellence to our clients and the electrical contracting industry, our standards for health and safety are extremely high — for good reason. That’s why we are always striving to improve our processes and performance.