Our team is at the heart of the values we hold as an organization. At Signature Electric we…

Lead with a forward-thinking mindset.

  • Our goal as an organization is not to simply provide solutions for our clients, but to have a positive impact on the present so we can deliver a better future. Signature Electric proudly paves the way for the emergence of new technology and more efficient use of energy to ensure our goal is met.

Serve with a can-do attitude.

  • For Signature Electric this means that all of our staff members have the confidence in themselves and in our organization to deal with problems and achieve success. Our clients have a lot of trust in our abilities and in return we show them that we have confidence we will find solutions that work for them.

Work as a team. Have each other’s back.

  • As problem solvers we are used to depending on each other to develop solutions and deliver on our promises to our clients. From our team in the office to our field staff, we all work together to ensure success.

Tinker curiously. It can lead to breakthroughs.

  • The nature of being on the cutting edge of technology requires a certain amount of ingenuity and creativity when it comes to solving problems and creating solutions. We realize that we may not be experts in every aspect of next-gen technology, but our culture of curiosity leads to our success in this field.

Teach what you learn. Practice what you teach.

  • As you might imagine, our work forces us to learn new skills every single day with each job that we go to. Part of our forward-thinking vision requires us to pass on knowledge and engage others in the work we do. Empowering others helps us to achieve success in our goals.

Care for people first. Value technology second.

  • Any good technology is designed with the end user in mind. Signature Electric is the same in our ‘people-first’ approach to the work we do. Every individual we interact with is treated like family and our solutions are designed with their best interest at heart. It is this value, above all, that sets us apart in our industry.

These are the values that we look for in every person who wishes to work with us. If these statements resonate with you then contact us at careers@signatureelectric.ca to start your journey.


Career opportunities

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