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24-Hour Emergency Service

  • Get unparalleled service for the unpredictable. Whenever you need us — we’ve likely seen it before, we know how to fix it, and we’ll get it done quickly.

Machinery Installation & Repairs

  • We’ll find the fastest, most time-effective way to manage a move, upgrade, or fix equipment without business disruptions.

Power & Distribution

  • Expanding your plant or adding new equipment? We’ll make the recommendations suited between an upgrade or sub-service.

Power Quality

  • From power factors to harmonic distortion caused by competing equipment, we will take even the most complex power system and simplify it into one, balanced operation

General Troubleshooting & Predictive Maintenance

  • Never be in the dark! Our technicians light the way with scheduled maintenance programs, taking care of quarterly, or monthly repairs and predicting possible issues with annual Thermographic Inspections.

Retail Experience Lighting

  • Lighting is an important sales tool in every environment. We’ll help your team design and maintain a lighting solution that flatters your product and your customer

Food Production Power & Lighting

  • From meeting high light level standards, to regularly washing down equipment, food production facilities have unique needs. To ensure our electricians have the information and training they need, we have joined the National Seafood Sector Council (NSSC), the Food Processing Human Resource Council, and are trained in HACCP food safety practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How often do I need a thermographic inspection performed?

    It is recommended that a building’s electrical infrastructure undergoes predictive maintenance, like a thermographic inspection, every 18 months to ensure everything is in good working order. This schedule will help you catch both the heating and cooling cycles.

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