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Whether you’re busy managing one condo or many buildings, our team will make your job easier with a comprehensive range of electrical and consultative services. Count on Signature Electric for smart, proactive, sustainable, and future-forward solutions, always done right the first time.

Signature Electric has been serving countless condominiums and property management companies for over two decades. Our expertise and experience got you covered.

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Comprehensive solutions for condominiums  + property management

General Troubleshooting & Predictive Maintenance

  • Never be in the dark! Our technicians light the way with scheduled maintenance programs, taking care of quarterly, or monthly repairs and predicting possible issues with annual Thermographic Inspections.

Load Evaluations

  • Do you have enough power for EV chargers? We’ll provide an engineered electrical load analysis, determining available power and outlining the number of chargers that can be accommodated.

Lighting Installation & Maintenance

  • Whether you’re replacing one fixture or redesigning your whole lighting system, get the energy efficiency and savings you deserve with our customized solutions.

Thermographic Inspections

  • Put your mind — and your bottom line — at ease. Every 18 months, we’ll inspect the health of your electrical connection, and provide a report of suggested repairs (if any), before potential failures cause any business disruptions.

Heat Trace Verification

  • We’ll visit annually to check on the heat trace cables and drip drums in your parking garage.

Emergency Light & Exit Sign Testing

  • Emergencies are unpredictable, but your preparation doesn’t need to be. Prepare your building exit signs and emergency lights for when you need them most.

CO Detection System Preventive Maintenance

  • Semi-annual carbon monoxide detection servicing leaves your residents confident knowing they are breathing clean, protected air.

Clean & Exercise Electrical Switchgear Equipment

  • Keep your building running like a well-oiled machine, with regularly scheduled Switchgear maintenance. We recommend this service take place every 5 years.

Fuse Maintenance & Inventory

  • We will evaluate, and provide recommendations to upgrade your fuse inventory to ensure you and your on-site superintendent are empowered to act when faced with a blown fuse.

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EV charging for condos

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EV charging for condos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our answers. If your question isn’t here, let’s talk!

  • What is the installation process for a condo EV charger?

    As your partner, Signature Electric manages the entire installation process from beginning to end, including post-installation servicing and individual resident needs.

    First, we start with a consultation to assess the corporation’s needs and current capacity for EV charging infrastructure.

    Then, we’ll conduct an engineered load evaluation that will specify the condo’s electrical capacity and determine how many EV chargers the building is able to support. From there, we’ll consult with the property management and condo board so they can make an informed decision.

    Finally, we’ll work together to deliver a tailored solution for the condo’s specific needs.

  • Can my condo install one charger now and put off an expensive EV infrastructure project?

    This may work for smaller condo corporations; however, most condos recognize the benefit of investing in a more holistic, future-focused solution.
    Often, after the first charger goes into a building, the second is not far off. The responsibility of the property management team to ensure billing is managed, power needs are met, etc., increases. This is why we recommend investing in infrastructure that will automate billing and power management to reduce the strain on the corporation’s professionals and ensure ease of use for all involved.

  • How often do I need a thermographic inspection performed?

    It is recommended that a building’s electrical infrastructure undergoes predictive maintenance, like a thermographic inspection, every 18 months to ensure everything is in good working order. This schedule will help you catch both the heating and cooling cycles.

  • How many chargers can my condo accommodate? (Load Evaluation)

    This depends on the electrical capacity of your building and whether or not your building is using a power management system with their EV chargers. Signature Electric recommends performing an engineered load evaluation to determine the power capacity of the building.

  • Can you assist me with utility mandated hydro vault repairs?

    Signature Electric can absolutely assist with any repairs to your hydro vault, whether they are mandated by your utility or just part of regular maintenance. Please contact the office to discuss your building’s specific needs.

  • When is it safe for my superintendent to change fuses and ballasts and when should I call an electrician?

    It may be okay for a non-electrician to change a screw-in fuse in a resident panel. However, any fuse that requires you to open the door of a switch requires a professional. The voltage can be very volatile and there is a certain testing method that must be followed. In addition, it is important to understand what caused the fuse to blow so that any possible faults can be cleared before the fuse is changed. There is a similar concern with ballasts. While it seems like a very simple job, the voltage here can be very dangerous and should not be handled by an untrained individual.

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