Back to The Future of Condos


In the summer of 2016, we shared a five-part series exploring how condominium living is poised to change in the years to come. These changes went beyond the physical structure of the condo building to impact how we might live, eat, and participate in the economy as owners and residents.

Since publishing this series, some of the futures we predicted have become closer to present-day realities — such as drone delivery — while others — including the integration of agricultural space — are now widely adopted.

In celebration of these innovative changes, we’re inviting you to revisit our series The Future of Condos. Discover (or rediscover!) these articles:

How online ordering has caused delivery overload in condo communities — and how drones will help.


How decentralized short-term renting will make condo ownership better.


How unconventional urban agriculture will combat food insecurity and climate change.


How condos will become ‘living buildings’ by producing more energy than they consume.


How the tiny living trend is changing the way we look at small condo units


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