Hi, I’m Mark Marmer, the founder of Signature Electric
Mark Marmer

I started in the electrical trade back in 1973, and established Signature Electric in 1985. For someone who always enjoyed tinkering, this seemed to be a natural choice. It turned out to be the right choice, because at the end of every day, I get a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


My favourite part of the business is connecting with people. Each day, I get to interact with wonderful and interesting clients, vendors, and team members, both in the office and in the field. I often get a glimpse into their lives, what matters to them, and share a bit of mine as well. I never tire of this. The people aspect is a constant motivation and inspiration for me to do more with Signature Electric.


Then there is the technology aspect, which fascinates me. I was always on the lookout for innovative and interesting ways to improve our clients’ electrical systems, to increase quality and even save energy. This early seed has grown into our company’s vision to bring the future of electricity to today. It energizes me to see the flow of innovative solutions for our clients, to achieve their goals of energy conservation, environmental responsibility, sustainability and scalability, and to bring future-readiness to their electrical infrastructures today.


Over the years of working with one emerging technology after another, what has always stood out is our team’s forward-thinking and can-do attitude, which has become an important value for our company. This early-adopter mindset has brought some fantastic experiences and outcomes. A few highlights include three electric vehicles in my family quite early on, being among the first families in Canada with an in-home Tesla Powerwall, and travelling to California with a few other Canadians for the rollout of the Tesla semi-truck. When the Cybertruck was first announced, our clients voted for our team to get it; we listened.

Mark Marmer inside his truck

Outside of the day-to-day business, I enjoy time with my growing family, being a husband, father, and grandfather. I also enjoy traveling with my family and friends, and have seen a variety of fascinating places, from the rivers of Germany and France, to sailing the Aegean Sea in Greece, to being within 500 miles of the North Pole. I am truly enjoying my life, and being able to share life’s blessings is what really makes this special. I am thankful for all the people and choices that have led my path here.

I’m always eager to share the most recent bit of fun and excitement that’s happening in my life. The next time we chat, feel free to poke me with a question or two, and let’s see how we can share a bit of each other’s lives.


Mark Marmer
Founder & Executive Director
April 2020


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Curriculum vitae
  • Well-established in the electrical trade
    • Started in the electrical trade in 1973.
    • Became a fully licensed electrician in 1978.
    • Received a Master Electrician Lic. In 1983
    • Establish Signature Electric Ltd. in 1985.

  • Specialization in servicing condos
    • Write and contribute to multiple articles in magazines such as Del Condo Life, CM Magazine, and CCI-T Condo voice.
    • Present to and consult condominium boards.
    • Serve a large number of condo buildings, condo boards, condo managers, etc.
    • Associate member of ACMO (The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario) since 2009.
    • Serving on the ACMO Associates committee since 2017.
    • Serving on the ACMO Communication committee since 2018.
    • Guest lecturer for the Electrical section of the RCM (Registered Condominium Manager) course.

  • Thought leader in EV space
    • Develop, market, and install electrical distribution panels with software to allow for power sharing of EV chargers in the multi-residential (eg. condominium) settings.
    • Train and approve installers across Canada for Tesla
    • Signature Electric is an approved installer for many EV charger manufacturers, including Bosch, Evercharge,  Elmec, EV Box, Chargepoint, IES, and Chargestorm.
    • Present on EV charging to conferences, condominium boards, law firms, government agencies, and a variety of other events and settings.
    • Consulted the Ontario Liberal Government on changes to the Condominium Act with reference to accommodating EV chargers in existing buildings.
    • Provide consultation services to Condominium developers and engineers to guide them on the best way to accommodate EV charging at their sites.
    • Served on several focus groups with regard to EV charging.
    • Publish and host an ongoing video series focused on many aspects of the electrical industry and electric vehicles and charging options.
    • A member of EMC (Electric Mobility Canada).
    • Assisted NRstor and Opus One with the Canadian rollout of the Tesla Powerwall. This involved attendance at the first training session at the Tesla office in Palo Alto, California, and the selection and onboarding of installers across Canada. This group has since been rebranded as MPower. We continue to be a trusted MPower partner.
    • Attended the roll out of the Tesla semi truck and new Tesla Roadster in California.
    • Own 3 BEV’s (battery electric vehicles) including a Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, and a Nissan Leaf.