Seamless solar infrastructures for buildings and homes

Your future is greener on the solar-side.

Start harnessing the power of the sun. Solar power is one of the most abundant, renewable, and sustainable energy sources. It’s clean, green, and can save you money. Over time, your self-generating system will pay for itself. Plus, solar panels can protect your roof from the harsh elements and extend its life, one more way to protect and save.

From conception to completion, your turnkey solution towards a more sustainable future is with Signature Electric. 

Ready to live more sustainably and save more money? First step: a complimentary remote roof analysis! 

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Experienced installers & advisors for your solar infrastructure


  • Using remote technology, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of your roof to establish the best solution to fit your home.


  • From planning, to panel install, our team is focused on one thing: preserving the integrity of your home today for a healthier life, tomorrow.

Battery Storage

  • Make the most of your power through innovative storage solutions. We will outline the options best suited to your needs.

Ongoing Optimization

  • Once your solar solution is installed, stay in the know about making the most of your investment, with microFIT, Net metering, and more.
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