Canadian Solar Energy Program


As reports on the impending climate crisis are released, many are left wondering how they can prevent any further damage to our Earth. In light of this challenge, consumers are turning to alternative ways to power their homes.

Many companies are already using hydroelectric, biomass, wind and/or geothermal sources to get their energy; but the current rise in the use of solar power is notable.

Here Comes the Sun

The use of solar energy has exponentially risen over the past five years. Due to the drastic price drop on solar power systems, rendering them increasingly affordable, homeowners with a solar power system have seen their bills greatly reduced. Solar power is cost effective, in producing the same amount of electricity for close to the same cost of buying utility power. These systems last for decades, whether they are in the ground or mounted to a roof.

Solar energy is a great resource because it’ll never exhaust. The sun will continue to shine more than a million years later. A majority of renewable resources are directly derived from the sun; for example, wind and hydroelectric power are the direct result of differential heating of the Earth’s surface. Solar is everywhere, so let it shine.

Costs By the Numbers

The average national solar panel would cost about $12,810 after tax credits, which is more than two percent lower than it was just a year ago and prices are continuing to drop. In Canada, the average cost for solar power is $3.07/Watt, or $23,000 for a 7.5kW. According to this chart by, the specific cost for solar power in Ontario is $2.28-$2.78/ Watt.

Average solar installation cost (per Watt). Image courtesy of Energy Hub


Even better, Canadian Solar Energy Programs are making it easier for Canadian homeowners to integrate solar systems into their homes with programs such as HES PV offering Grid-Tie systems. Ontarians are encouraged to reduce their energy consumption and consider self-generating solar power systems.

“All Ontario utilities support the use of solar to help homes and businesses to reduce their consumption of utility power. The overall goal is to defer the need for Ontario to add generation facilities, and solar is clean, reliable and empowers residents to take control of the power”
Solar Ontario- HES PV

For first time solar system buyers, it is best to get your system installed professionally. At Signature Electric, we provide solar installation services, so be sure to let us know if you need help. There are great resources to explore when considering the electricity rates and rebates in Ontario, such as the Ontario government net metering.

Across Canada, provincial governments are continuing to support the installation of solar power systems. The rising use of solar energy will lower the cost for solar power systems. With the long term benefits in mind, more homeowners are looking to install solar power. To save the planet, save money, or both, installing a solar system is a serious path to consider.

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