Making Connections in LinkedIn Groups



If you’re not already using LinkedIn to connect with like-minded individuals, you’re missing out! I’m a huge LinkedIn fan and use it for everything from forming community with people in my industry to learning about new products and initiatives all over the world.

Lots of people think that LinkedIn is just a directory of people and companies, but the social network really helps to draw lines between you and information or people who have something to offer you, usually by way of knowledge. LinkedIn is also a great way to develop your own voice in your industry and start to collect recognition among your peers.

My favourite way to connect via LinkedIn in is by participating in specific groups geared towards my professional interests. Here are a few of the groups I’m a part of and the places where I talk about energy efficiency, industry news, and answer questions people might have for electricians.


The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario group represents condo managers and is great for learning about the daily challenges that condo managers face and how those who serve this industry, like me, can do their job more effectively.

Canadian Condominium Corporation

This group is great for discussing issues and strategies for condominium boards. The participants often have unique insights about best practices for holding this position in a building.

Profit Path

ProfitPATH focuses on anyone interested in business growth strategies and putting them into practice within their own business. I find the group interesting because the community is always posting ideas about setting goals, financial processes and team management.

Toronto Condo Network

As you know, I do a lot of work as a Toronto condo electrician, installing EV chargers in condo buildings, and doing general electrical work specific to condos. This LinkedIn group is for those of us with expertise in working in a condo environment. The community is growing as we share information and ideas about our respective services.

Residential Property Management Professionals

This group was made for people who manage multiple properties, are lease specialists, or are service technicians. I find that this group is an excellent place for managers to find information from people will different expertise relating to property management.

There are so many groups to be a part of, but these are the ones that I call home. It’s amazing to learn from each other and understand more about our connected industries. Are you on LinkedIn? Let’s connect!