Nissan Combines EVs with At-Home Solar


At this year’s Canadian International Autoshow, we learned all about the Nissan Leaf. But this EV isn’t Nissan’s only step into the sustainability market.

In May 2018 the company introduced its all-in-one at-home solar power solution: Nissan Energy Solar. Many are comparing the move to the solar options of Tesla, as it renders the two companies — known primarily for their electric vehicle offerings — competitors in both the automotive and home energy spaces.

Nissan Energy Solar’s offerings consist of solar panels and Xstorage, an energy capture system. Nissan Energy Solar touts three major benefits for consumers: more affordable energy (promising to reduce power bills by up to 66%), effective green living, and the added option of energy storage.

Rendering of a property outfitted with Nissan Home Solar, image courtesy of Nissan UK


As Nissan Home Energy is currently available exclusively in the United Kingdom, weather has been a major concern for critics and potential customers alike. While the UK notoriously lacks sunshine, direct sun exposure is not needed for solar panels to generate energy — but concerns remain regarding the efficiency of solar in such a climate.

Solar Plus Storage

This potential inefficiency is mitigated in part by the addition of the Xstorage system, which can also be installed independently to store power for the over 880,000 UK homes with preexisting solar panels. As Nissan describes, “Traditionally, solar energy has been used to power home appliances during the day, but now with Nissan Energy Solar householders can use the solar battery storage system to store excess energy from their solar panels and use it during the night and on cloudy days.”

For Nissan EV owners, this home energy solution can provide an even more environmentally and wallet-friendly driving experience by enabling them to generate the very energy that powers their Nissan Leaf.

While Canadians may not have access to Nissan Home Energy, a variety of options exist for those looking to capture the same sustainability and savings. To learn more, check out Signature Electric’s solar installation services.

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