Our New Office


Clients and Friends,
The move to our new offices at 400 Esna Park is now complete. You should have received a letter and business card with the new information. If you need more cards or know of someone else that might benefit from our service, please give me a call and I will be happy to follow up.

Most of us check our heating systems at least once a year before the winter arrives. We would not want to find out that it is in need of repair just when we needit most. The same cannot always be said for other vital systems in our facilities. In this newsletter I have focused on a system that is common to almost all of our buildings and despite its importance is often overlooked. Check out “Where’s the light”.

We presently perform scheduled emergency lighting service for a variety of customers including, schools, offices and warehouses. Please call if you would like a free evaluation of your facility.

In this issue we have also included information on a couple of other interesting products. Ecoglo manufactures non-electrical photo luminescent products that will improve egress in emergency and non-emergency situations. This would be used to augment the existing emergency lighting system. The other item that caught my eye was LED lamps from CRS Electronics. This is a uniquely Canadian company not simply an importer of offshore product.