Film + Green Energy = Toronto


Powering the Canadian film industry has never been greener


The Toronto film industry is going green!

Film and television production companies can now access the City of Toronto’s power grid and tap into green energy. Clean energy outposts are available at two of the city’s most popular filming locations, Ashbridges Bay Park and Sir Casimir Gzowski Park.  

Besides eliminating the use of filthy diesel generators—which wreak absolute havoc on our environment—production crews will no longer have to carry heavy diesel generators to sites. They also won’t have to worry about loud noise affecting filming or the sound quality.

Toronto may be leading the charge, but the industry as a whole is moving towards more sustainable practices. These efforts will help Canada reach its goal of Net Zero Emissions by 2040, and will reduce 400 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year in Toronto alone.

In film, Toronto is the green energy paradise. And with Tory striving for environmental change, the city is not only building a more sustainable future but also paving the way for more eco-friendly practices in the film industry.