Unveiling the EV & Charging Expo


Discover what’s driving the EV fleet transition

In 2023, the EV industry is experiencing a wave of excitement as providers, operators, advisors, and enthusiasts come together to celebrate the advancements in electric vehicles. Mark and Signature Electric had the opportunity to attend the EV & Charging Expo 2023 in May and are thrilled to share the electrifying atmosphere with our dedicated audience.

The expo, presented by Electric Autonomy, featured engaging panel discussions, enlightening interviews with industry experts, and an impressive lineup of Ride & Drives, showcasing cutting-edge commercial electric vehicles. These events provided valuable insights into the groundbreaking advancements shaping the future of the EV industry.


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Delivery Fleet Charging Panel

Joined by:

  • Ilana Weitzman, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Clean Transportation, Electric Autonomy
  • Mark Marmer, Founder of Signature Electric
  • Gabriela Favaron, Director of EV infrastructure at 7Gen
  • Theresa Cooke, Head of Global Customer Success, Managed Charging, Siemens

One of the highlights of the expo was the Delivery Fleet Charging Panel, where Mark co-hosted a discussion with Ilana Weitzman, Gabriela Favaron, and Theresa Cooke. The panel emphasized the need for collaboration, regulatory support, and strategic planning to drive successful fleet electrification. It highlighted the challenges of implementing robust EV charging infrastructure and the importance of meticulous planning, stakeholder involvement, and addressing site-specific considerations.

The discussion also touched upon building resilient EV infrastructure and tackling challenges in charging standards, equipment supply, and utility communication. The panelists emphasized the significance of contingency plans, redundancy systems, portable charging solutions, and solar integration for enhancing operational resiliency. Standardized charging curves and collaboration among stakeholders were identified as crucial factors in overcoming equipment demand and procurement lead time challenges.



During the expo, Signature Electric had the privilege of interviewing influential figures in the industry, and these interviews provided valuable insights into the companies’ innovative solutions and their contributions to the EV sphere.


Spotlight: Electric Autonomy

Charging ahead of the curve 

About the company

Electric Autonomy, a premier news and events platform, is dedicated to reporting on Canada’s shift towards electric vehicles and emerging mobility services. By organizing EV & Charging Expo, they hope to provide a unique opportunity for companies to explore the hardware, technology, and available funding options to prepare for the inevitable EV revolution.

Insights from the Expo

We got to talk with Nino Di Cara, founder and president of Electric Autonomy, and discuss how the growth of EV fleet adoption is undeniable, with more and more individuals and fleet companies showing a willingness to embrace and become early adopters of EV fleet technology.

The industry’s resounding message is clear: start planning now. Seize the opportunity to gain a competitive edge by taking prompt action.

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Spotlight: Jule

Powering sustainability

Image by Jule via Julepower.com

About the company

Jule has been actively involved in the electrification sector since 2009, focusing on battery storage, energy management, and EV charger provision. Jule’s business model revolves around grid-optimized EV charging and battery storage.

Insights from the Expo

During our interview with Rasmus Dillen-Hansen, marketing manager at Jule, we gained valuable insights into the core operations of Jule, centered around their innovative solution known as the Jule Hub.

At the heart of their system, the Jule Hub employs a unique approach by trickle charging the battery system from either the grid or solar panels, subsequently distributing the stored energy to dispensers and vehicles. This distinctive method not only ensures a highly efficient flow of electricity but also alleviates strain on the grid while reducing utility and infrastructure costs. As a result, Jule’s solution is particularly advantageous in areas facing grid constraints or where upgrading to Level 3 DC fast charging is impractical.

Furthermore, the Jule system offers significant cost-saving benefits. By storing energy during low-demand periods when prices are lower, the system can subsequently utilize this stored energy during peak-demand times when costs are higher. This strategic approach not only helps facilities optimize their utility expenses but also enables a faster return on investment compared to conventional charging methods.

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Spotlight: BrightDrop

Building a greener future

Image by Brightdrop via Brightdrop’s Twitter

About the company

BrightDrop is a comprehensive network of interconnected and electrified delivery offerings. Their solutions are specifically crafted to minimize expenses, optimize efficiency, enhance safety, and diminish environmental impact.

Insights from the Expo

We chatted with Dan Fedor, sales manager at BrightDrop, about their all-purpose, all-electric walk-in Zevo 600 trucks.

Key features of the vehicle include:

  • Two battery options, providing a range of approximately 400 km or 330 km, depending on the chosen battery
  • Extensively tested battery’s performance in various weather conditions, such as cold or hot climates
  • A Humvee-like interior display, showcasing essential information like speedometer, remaining range, energy consumption, and power regeneration during acceleration and braking
  • A comprehensive infotainment experience with navigation, integration, and Android Auto
  • Level 2 or DC fast charging options, accommodating user preferences

There are multiple versions of the truck, including a 600 cubic-foot short version and a 400 cubic-foot version with different cargo capacities. With the absence of belts and 40% fewer moving parts compared to combustion engines, the truck is estimated to save around $10,000 on maintenance and fuel per year.

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Spotlight: FreeWire

Boosting EV advancements

Image by FreeWire via Freewiretech.com

About the company

FreeWire Technologies is a pioneering company in battery-integrated ultrafast EV charging and energy management solutions. They tackle grid infrastructure limitations through the creation and production of scalable clean power, actively propelling the global shift towards electrified transportation.

Insights from the Expo

During our conversation with Jameson Dequinia, VP of sales at FreeWire, he sheds light on how their battery-integrated solution is transforming the landscape of EV fast charging.

Their innovative charger operates as a level 2 input, connecting to low input power without the need for a costly step-up transformer. Despite its level 2 capabilities, it can output power at a level 3 speed of 200 kilowatts or simultaneously charge two vehicles at 100 kilowatts each. This is made possible through the use of proprietary DC-to-DC converters and a battery-buffered system that boosts the output power.

By utilizing this technology, customers and installers can avoid expensive utility upgrades typically required for DC fast charging, saving both time and money. Operating costs are significantly reduced since the charger only pulls in 27 kilowatts of power, allowing users to avoid high-cost power and demand charges. The semi-permanent nature of the charger makes it easy to install, with just eight bolts securing it to a concrete pad. This flexibility enables relocation for those who lease spaces.

FreeWire’s solution also includes software for charger management and an LCD screen for configurations and displaying information. With a focus on scalability and cost-effectiveness, FreeWire is a game-changer in the EV fast-charging industry.

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Spotlight: EV-olution Charging

Scaling EV infrastructure

Image by EV-olution Charging via Ev-olutioncharging.com

About the company

EV-olution Charging is a leading provider of intelligent and connected charging stations that establish cutting-edge infrastructure for electric vehicles. Their comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet the charging needs of diverse settings such as condominiums, industrial facilities, commercial plazas, and offices. 

Insights from the Expo

Our interview with Eddy Spivak of EV-olution Charging discusses various aspects of EV-olution Charging’s infrastructure and capabilities. 

We first talked through the state-of-the-art cabinetry system that EV-olution Charging provides. The current maximum capacity for their cabinetry is three cabinets, with each cabinet capable of holding four 50-kilowatt modules, totaling 200 kilowatts per cabinet. The system allows for scalability and future-proofing, as additional modules can be easily added as needed.

Notable highlights include their mobile charger, and a stationary one featuring a powerful 300 amp cable and a voltage range from 150-1000 volts to accommodate different battery requirements. Eddy mentions the sophisticated spring mechanism employed in their system, which allows for efficient linear movement without wasting vertical space.

The dispensers used in their system are versatile, capable of delivering various output levels from as low as 25 kilowatts to as high as 240 kilowatts, depending on the vehicle’s needs. The fleet management software enables prioritized charging based on vehicle requirements, ensuring efficient allocation of power in real-time. Additionally, the direct current allows for monitoring the battery age and condition, enabling customized charging sequences based on the fleet owner’s preferences.

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The EV & Charging Expo 2023 was a testament to the rapid growth and immense potential of the electric vehicle industry. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for businesses and individuals to embrace the opportunities presented by electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and clean energy technologies, ultimately contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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