The road to fleet electrification


Scaling infrastructure for the future

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and accessible. With the demand for EVs on the rise, businesses and fleet owners are starting to explore the possibilities of electrifying their fleets.

In an exclusive interview, Mark Marmer of Signature Electric and Gabriela Favaron, Director of Infrastructure at 7Gen share their insights on successfully setting up EV fleet infrastructure. They delve into the opportunities and challenges of electrifying fleets while offering potential solutions to these challenges.


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Charging: Just the tip of the iceberg

When it comes to EV fleet charging, there are many factors to consider, such as public vs. private access, cable management, charger placement, and mobile charging. 

The grid: The real hero in EV infrastructure

While EVs have the potential to reduce carbon emissions, the electricity grid needs to be able to support the increased demand for energy. This means that it’s important to carefully plan and manage the grid to ensure it’s future-ready. Load balancing, which involves adjusting the output of the charging station based on the battery capacity of the vehicle, can save costs and avoid costly upgrades to the infrastructure. Proper planning is key to future-proofing your fleet, sourcing lower-cost materials, and avoiding any unforeseen service constraints that may occur during installation. To ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it’s important to design your EV charging infrastructure according to your individual requirements.

Turnkey solutions for electrifying fleets

The shift to electrified fleets requires thoughtful planning and effective solutions to make the process seamless and cost-efficient. Companies like 7Gen and Signature Electric offer comprehensive turnkey solutions that cover everything from planning and installation to management and maintenance of EV infrastructure. 7Gen is an innovative EV-as-a-service company committed to accelerating the decarbonization of medium and heavy-duty fleets throughout North America. They take care of selecting and purchasing the necessary equipment, and partnering with companies like Signature Electric to install the infrastructure. Additionally, they monitor and manage the maintenance of the charging stations and the vehicles with a service level agreement. This is all in one monthly bill.

Fast-tracking accessible EV infrastructure

To ensure that EV infrastructure is accessible to everyone, it’s important to educate policy-makers on the importance of expedited construction of these facilities in our communities. By doing so, we can make the transition to EVs more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The future of fleet management

Electric vehicle infrastructure is an exciting and rapidly growing field with many opportunities and challenges. With proper planning, load management, and power sharing, businesses can save costs and successfully electrify their fleets. For those interested in electrifying their fleets, Signature Electric and 7Gen provide expert insights, solutions, and support along the journey.