Winter EV Driving: Everything you need to know to maximize your range


Whether your car is powered by electricity or gas, winter driving can take its toll. And that’s especially true for EV driving in colder weather, because your battery can expend enough heat to reduce your vehicle range by as much as 40 percent. With that in mind, we went to Signature Electric’s very own Mark Marmer for some expert advice. In this video, Mark shares essential tricks and tips for EV winter driving, including:

  • Conditioning and warming-up your EV in the mornings
  • Maximizing your EV battery range in colder weather
  • Calculating your optimal driving routes and speeds
  • Planning for a winter trip and making the most of battery usage

With the growing popularity and support for electric vehicles, we’ll start to see more and more EVs on the road with longer ranges and more stations to charge them, along with the roll-out of level-3 charging. Indeed five years from now, there will be increasingly less planning in the wintertime for EV drivers. But until then, we hope you stay warm and make good use of Mark’s tips:

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