How to sell an EV


Teach your buyers how to get the most from their electric ride!

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular, sales representatives have to educate themselves to effectively move EVs in their stores. While the process of selling an EV still requires some special expertise, with a few tips and tricks, making a successful sale can be a breeze. 


        1. Understand the advantages of an EV


  • Consumers need to understand that an EV isn’t just a “normal” car, it’s a new and advanced technology. As a sales representative, you should know and highlight the features and benefits of EVs such as regenerative braking, battery life, charging times, range capabilities, reduced emissions, energy costs, and other economic benefits. Be ready to discuss the performance of various models and answer questions.


        2. Highlight available incentives 


  • Many governments and businesses offer incentives for purchasing an EV, which differs by locality. For example, some areas offer tax credits, rebates, or other forms of incentives that can lower the overall cost of the vehicle. These can be powerful motivators for customers to choose an EV.


        3. Promote the vehicles


  • Along with traditional advertising methods, there are other ways to attract customers, such as reaching out to electric vehicle clubs, connecting with local ride and drive events, or promoting deals online. Having proper displays showcasing your offering is a great way to promote EVs at your dealership. You can also install charging stations to allow customers to demo the EVs and experience for themselves how the vehicle works. 


        4. Emphasize safety features


  • Many EVs come standard with advanced safety and driver assistance features, such as blind spot monitoring, lane-keeping and advanced automatic braking systems. Make sure the customer knows about these features and how they can make their driving experience safer and more pleasurable. 


        5. Be prepared to address financial concerns


  • Understandably, customers are concerned about the cost of owning an EV. Explain the long-term savings of EV ownership such as lack of gas expenses and how current models offer improved range and performance to help bring the monthly operating costs down.


Ultimately, sales representatives need to be knowledgeable, persuasive and prepared when selling EVs. By following the above tips, you will be able to explain the benefits of EVs and reap the rewards of being ahead of the curve on green technology.


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