The EV Capital of Canada


Small town, big leader

A small region in Québec claims the title of the country’s EV capital. The rural cottage country region to the Northeast of Montreal is home to the highest electric vehicle sales in Canada.

In 2016, nearly half of all 11,060 electric vehicles in Canada were sold in Québec, with the scenic region of Lanaudière leading the charge.


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Almost half of all EVs sold in the region were from one dealership, Bourgeois Chevrolet, in the small town of Rawdon1 . Out of the approximately 400 EVs sold by Bourgeois Chevrolet, the top seller was the Chevrolet Volt. Across Canada, the top 3 leading EVs sold in 2016 included2 :

The eco-conscious, energy savvy, local population along with the lower electricity rates and provincial rebates, make Québec an EV lovers dream.

Provinces compete

However, as it stands now, the neighbouring province of Ontario is competing for the crown with increasing incentives and targets. This comparison table looks compares Canada’s two biggest provinces:

Canada’s numbers

According to FleetCarma statistics3 , seven of the highest selling EVs, including both battery-only EVs and plug-in Hybrid EVs, have over 1,000 units in Canada, including:

If a small region like Lanaudière can bridge smart transportation with environmental and economic sensibility, just imagine what your community can do.

As the uptake of EVs continues driving around Canada, stay tuned to The Electric Blog for all the latest information.

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