Installing a generator? Read this



Electric generators can provide an extra sense of security and a convenient source of power around your home and business. There are many professionals out there that will provide the installation and generator itself but, of course, that comes at a cost. If you feel the need to do it yourself, you will need to recognize the steps required for a safe installation. Though it is fairly straightforward, there are a number of precautions to be wary of when handling a generator. There are hazards of connecting generators, such as electric shock, fire, explosion, chemicals and fumes. Not to mention standards and codes to comply with if you do not want to conflict with your warranty.

Here are some things to think about when consulting with your dealer:

Start with an In-Home Consultation

Normally, your local dealer will conduct an on-site evaluation of your home’s specific installation needs, such as space, possible obstructions and what local permits are needed before installing. Your dealer should also check your electrical meter, gas lines and circuit breaker panel locations to scout the best placement. Don’t forget to discuss fuel options.

Standby Generator and Installation Price Estimate

Ask for a recommendation of the best generator & module placement. Pricing estimates are usually based on the following:

Generator cost

  • Required transfer switch and modules
  • Generator installation cost
  • Incidental requirements (permits, labor, etc)

Prep and Installing

After the dealer obtains the necessary permits, he/she will finalize installation requirements and order the necessary materials. Note that installation cannot happen when the ground is frozen, so plan accordingly. Late spring, summer and early fall are ideal times. The dealer will also use the visit as an opportunity to find out what permits would be needed to legally install a generator, as well as any any underground wiring from the home to the generator.

The following videos will give a step-by-step procedure to safely connect your generator in case you insist on doing it on your own. But be warned, this is a tedious process, so pay close attention.

To protect yourself and your family, be sure to follow these instructions carefully and to contact your authorized dealer if you are in need of any kind of guidance.

Did you have a successful installation? We want to hear your about your experience of your attempt/success! Be sure to leave a comment below.