A Customer ‘Mess’-timonial


A gift mishap turns lemons into lemonade by turning ice-cream into…

Loop, is one of those original concepts in the renewable/sustainability market that makes people wonder why they didn’t think of it first. We wrote about their clever premise of repackaging and reusing products here. And now we get to rave about them as a customer.

Signature Electric Owner, Mark Marmer, and his son Max were recently invited to a teammate’s home. Following the nice evening they decided to thank their host, Mike, with a gift of goodies which was to be delivered in a ‘Loop Tote’, a special Loop bag containing popular products in reusable packages. Unfortunately, the gift was lost by FedEx and arrived a week late. Even more unfortunate, the gift included ice-cream which, needless to say, didn’t take well to the delay.

By the time the gift arrived at Mike’s home, the ice-cream was a gooey mess, however the rest of the gift items were salvageable. Impressively, Loop’s sustainable and reusable packaging held up very well, as did their customer service follow-up. Once notified, Loop jumped into action and solved the delivery mix-up, even though the mistake wasn’t theirs.

If a true test of a company is its responsiveness and ability to adapt to problems, Loop passed with flying colours. Even under the worst possible conditions – frozen food left unattended during a summer heatwave – the Loop concept managed to impress. Aside from the sturdiness of the containers and packages, Mike liked Loop’s bold idea – bypass the recycling bin with a circular process that delivers all your goods in packages that are then returned, cleaned, and reused for your next delivery. No need to change consumer habits. The only thing that changes is how much waste you produce.

As a customer, we remain impressed with Loop’s fundamental cleverness and simplicity, plus we’ve discovered it’s a great gift opportunity. How many gifts deliver an environmental message along with the goods? Our Loop Tote gift to our friend Mike checked every possible box – it included a selection of quality foods, it was a conversation starter about a new concept in renewables, and it will live on as an anecdote about the perils of hot ice-cream.

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