Fast Food for Electric Vehicles


Charging your electric vehicle is about to get easier and faster

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular on the road, EV charging companies are stepping up to accommodate them with faster charging speeds and wider access to charging stations. Here are three exciting developments that will make EV adoption easier for drivers and bring Canada closer to zero emissions on the road by 2035.

A Tesla app for everyone

Teslas aren’t just hitting faster speeds on the road, they’re also about to make things faster at the pump. Elon Musk has announced Tesla will be opening its Supercharger charging network to almost all electric vehicles.

Despite Tesla’s famously proprietary system, Musk is promising that all EV models will now be able to plug into its network by simply downloading the Tesla app. Adapters will be available to pair non-Tesla models to the Tesla system.

Price will depend on time spent charging rather than total kilowatts, so be forewarned if you drive a more affordable EV. Most lower-priced models charge at a slower speed than Tesla and will therefore cost more when using Tesla’s chargers.

United charging

Some of Canada’s largest EV charging networks are joining forces to create a single-app access. Greenlots, ChargePoint, EV Connect and FLO have reached an agreement to allow roaming across their combined network. Customers will be able to charge their electric vehicles at any of these affiliated public charging areas, which include shopping malls, business parking lots, and roadside stations. No membership is needed and no extra fees will be added.

With a combined network of 54,000 chargers across North America and counting, the coalition is well on its way to reaching its goal of easing the way for more drivers to switch to EVs.

Electrifying the continent

The largest charging network in the US, Electrify America, is expanding its presence in Canada through its partner company, Electrify Canada. 68 new stations will be added in strategic locations over the next four and a half years, bringing the total to 500 charger stations in 100 locations across the country.

Electrify Canada offers the fastest public charging available, with agnostic connectors that fit all EVs. Along with Electrify America, the company plans to double its North American charging infrastructure by 2025.

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