Video: EV Charging in Condos: Palace Pier


Our EV Charging in Condos series continues. In this video, host Mark Marmer takes us through the iconic Palace Pier condominium building in Toronto. Since opening in 1992, the Palace Pier has been a leader in advancing the luxury condo lifestyle, and to stay current they came up with a smart plan for EV charging that works for all residents.

Watch the video:

Community Charging

The solution is a pair of reserved spaces in the main parking lot dedicated to charging hybrid and electric vehicles. The shared spaces are painted green and clearly marked ‘Electric Vehicle Parking Only – While Charging’ and protected behind a sturdy bollard.

Some of the highlights of the set-up include:

  • Chargepoint dual-charger
  • Built-in cord management
  • On-screen app for billing and charging
  • Tap-card recognition
  • Operates wirelessly (Requires GSM or cellular signal)
  • Independent and flexible
  • Safe and secure

Palace Pier has made EV charging accessible for residents in need. With this installation, the option of ‘going electric’ becomes even more feasible. Let’s follow the lead of the Palace Pier and others by preparing for EV charging now.

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