Video: EV Charging in Condos: Installed Networked EV Panel


Our look at the EV infrastructure at One Bedford Condo continues. We head up to the P1 level to check out how EV chargers communicate with the internet.

EV chargers talk to each other through a networked mesh system. A typical signal communicator looks like a small box with antennas. When the chargers are close to one another then only one signal communicator is needed. As the network builds we can continue to add more signal communicators where we need them.

“These networked installations need communication. They communicate to the internet whether it’s through a GSM phone signal, WiFi, some means or other they need to communicate. That’s how they are doing their power-sharing and billing.”
Mark Marmer – President, Signature Electric

We all need to think further like One Bedford has. Let’s get ready for more EVs tomorrow by adding networked charging today.

Next let’s take a peak at a working level-2 EV charger installed in a nearby parking space.