Video: EV Charging in Condos: The Main Electrical Room


In our previous segment, we introduced you to One Bedford, a condo in Toronto that is ready at every level for EVs. Now we go where most building evaluations start – the main electrical room.

The first question almost always is; “How many EVs can we put it?”

Knowing how much energy is available is key. Installing EV Panels requires checking out the voltage, main service, and space for extra disconnects. And with a single-line diagram, much of this can be planned without even coming to the building.

“We recommend that every corporation gets a load evaluation to determine the number of EVs that their particular building can fit. Every condominium is custom, so there isn’t a one size fits all”
Rob Detta Colli – Manager of Energy and Sustainability, Crossbridge Condominium Services

Condo boards need to know their options and get in the game before the requests start coming in. One Bedford is leading the way to an EV future.

If you need help with a load evaluation study or to find any extra energy saving tips, Signature Electric can be there at your request.

Stay tuned for our next segment where we will discuss Connections and Accommodations.