Video: EV Charging in Condos: One Bedford Road


In this video, we look at the major gains associated with introducing EV charging to the One Bedford Condominium in downtown Toronto. Join Signature Electric’s Mark Marmer as he hosts interviews with David Forgione, the President of the Board at One Bedford Condo, and Rob Detta Colli, Manager of Energy and Sustainability at Crossbridge Condominium Services. Both guests were instrumental in pushing this EV charging initiative forward.

Watch the video segment below:

One Bedford is trailblazing with accommodations for EVs available throughout all of the levels of underground parking. By studying factors such as cost, scalability and future-proof planning, One Bedford was able to find a turn-key solution via the EV charging company Ever-Charge.

“We do know that a lot of residents are looking for EVs in the next four to five years… the key was that we wanted to make sure that those people that came four or five years down the road had the option to have EV charging with very few barriers.”
David Forgione – President of the Board, One Bedford Condo


Setting the stage for future EV growth


“There’s no question that One Bedford is the gold-standard in terms of the solution.”
Rob Detta Colli – Manager of Energy and Sustainability, Crossbridge Condominium Services

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we continue are EV Charging in Condos series, with an up-close look at the EV charging infrastructure installed at One Bedford. Upcoming segments include:

  • The Main Electrical Room (Part 2)
  • Connections and Accommodations (Part 3)
  • Installed Networked EV Panel (Part 4)
  • EV Charging Stations (Part 5)
  • EV Management Policy (Part 6)

There is something amazing happening at the corner of Bloor Street West & Bedford Road. Special thanks to David and Rob for speaking with us and to all of the planners at One Bedford – you have made the bold decision and we thank you for it.

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