Video: EV Charging in Condos: Management Policy


One of the best recommendations for condominiums is to have an EV Management Policy. In this video we get to the bottom of what goes into a policy and why it matters.

EV management policies can speak to charging stations, transformers, metering, safety, and providing fair-value for both the corporation and condo owners.

“Sometimes the policy is written and the people believe it’s for the EV owners. It’s for everyone. So as they’re communicating to the perspective EV owners as to how they’re going to be dealt with from the corporation in a fair way, it’s also communication to all the rest of the people that may be looking at EVs, may not have an EV, may not ever want to get an EV, but they need to know – oh yes, now we can see that they’re going to be paying for their own electricity. I’m not subsidizing that. It really makes it a lot easier.”
Rob Detta Colli – Manager of Energy and Sustainability, Crossbridge Condominium Services

When EV charging is available for residents in a shared facility then it becomes an amenity for the entire building. Having a policy in place also helps to reduce any arguments that may arise.

“If I don’t have an EV, but maybe the person coming to buy my unit does. And the fact that they can be accommodated at One Bedford or any other building, that’s the advantage, that’s the amnetity piece that we were talking about. So it’s adding value for everybody, whether they have a car or not.”
Mark Marmer – President, Signature Electric

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*** Special thanks to Rob and David for taking the time to speak with us, and to all the leadership at One Bedford Condo for making bold moves towards becoming one of the most EV-friendly buildings around. ***

Stay tuned to our EVs in Condos series as we continue to showcase some of the best electric vehicle charging set-ups around.