Video: Power Over Energy: Introducing eCAMION


This is the first part of our video series exploring eCAMION’s sustainable technology for energy storage and electric vehicle charging.


Mark Marmer had the wonderful opportunity to interview Rick Szymczyk, the VP Engineering at eCAMION, to learn what solutions in energy storage and EV batteries are possible. In this clip, we are introduced to eCAMION instant fast charging for EVs. These powerful yellow cubes can charge three simultaneous 50-kilowatt Level-3 chargers using Lithium-ion based energy storage to achieve quick results.

Watch the video:

eCAMION: Power Over Energy

The ability to access state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure is key to reducing emissions for the sake of the environment. This is why eCAMION is leading the way as a turn-key solution provider of green energy for the communities.

“As vehicles demand more and more, our technology is scalable. We have the system designed so that we can integrate with a 150-Kilowatt charging system. We have proven the technology. It’s just a matter of anticipating the adoption rates. The uptake is going to support our business case, it’s only a matter of time.”

Rick W. Szymczyk, eCAMION Inc.

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Stay tuned as next discuss personalized EV charging, plus we take a look inside the cube, discover the new Jule fast charge stations, and dive deeper into battery technology.

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