The e-Golf Leads Volkswagen’s EV Revolution


The 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf is remarkable for being relatively unremarkable, being easily mistaken for its diesel predecessor, the Golf. This is a likeness that works in the EV’s favour: The Golf is one of the most heavily awarded vehicles out there. At Toronto’s Canadian International Autoshow, we learned that the e-Golf does more than emulate a famed heritage: it’s a smart vehicle paving the way for a fleet of EV offerings.

Learn what makes the e-Golf different — and what’s in store from Volkswagen with Thomas Tetzlaff and Mark Marmer of Signature Electric:

“We’re going to have small passenger cars, we’re going to have luxurious sedans, we’re going to have sport utilities, we’re going to have funky cars — all of them built on the same structure. And in so doing, we’re able to maximize our technological investment.”
-Thomas Tetzlaff | Manager, Public Relations, Volkswagen Canada

As AI-equipped vehicles continue to learn from their drivers — and their world — we look forward to what Volkswagen will bring to the next Autoshow.

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