Tesla – Too Good To Be True?



No matter what someone says about the EV industry, the conversation always moves toward the topic of Tesla and the promise the company shows with their models. In all my conversations and research about Tesla’s vehicles, I’ve rarely heard anything negative about their product. At least until now. This recent article I read brings up some ‘minor problems’ and ‘annoying quirks’ that buyers have noticed after the initial release of the Model S. Some problems include,

“A problem with vibration in the cars due to a cable that wasn’t tied down […] “a fair number of cars” that are going to need to have a shim, a tiny round piece of metal like a washer or spacer, inserted to solve another issue involving the car’s differential.

While these problems are inconsequential albeit annoying, Tesla’s response to the reports can be described as alert and impressive. What really matters isn’t the fact that the car itself has problems – the car industry is no stranger to that – what counts is the steps taken by the car companies to fix the problems of their vehicles and Tesla seems to be setting a higher standard in that.

Do reports of glitches in the car’s performance deter you from purchasing a Model S? Let me know at @signaturemark

Picture from: Slash Gear