Reducing the Risks of Fleet Electrification: When to Bring in the Experts


Transitioning your company’s fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) is a complex but rewarding journey. It requires meticulous planning, real-world solutions, and the guidance of seasoned experts to avoid common pitfalls and prepare for future growth.


Expert Insights on EV Fleet Transition

Mark Marmer of Signature Electric joined an expert panel to discuss the intricacies of fleet electrification. Hosted by Ilana Weitzman from Electric Autonomy, the panel included Jason Scultety of BC Hydro and Shayna Rector Bleeker & Sophie de Vries Robbé of 7Gen.

The panellists delved into the necessary phases of fleet electrification: visioning, purchasing, and installation, leading to a fully operational fleet. They discussed strategies for expansion, scaling, assessments, costs, and utility programs. A standout example is how IKEA collaborates with GoBolt to achieve zero-emission delivery vehicles.

Watch the Experts:


Start Small and Scale Up

The future of EV fleets is promising, with significant opportunities for those who act now. Bringing in experts to navigate the complexities of setting up an EV fleet is crucial for success.

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