EV affordability dilemma: the next generation of Teslas



One of the most common issues that arise with talk of electric vehicles for the general public is whether or not the average person could afford to own one. While there are some fairly reasonable options, the lower price tag can also mean a smaller range and longer EV battery charging times. If we are to expect a true switch to EVs, the general public will need to be able to afford the kind of EV that will serve as a realistic replacement for their current fuel powered vehicle.

The Electric Forum recently wrote about Elon Musk’s statement that Tesla is working to create an EV to solve the price tag issue sooner than you might think.

“Amidst all the general discussion and comment after the release of Teslas second-quarter figures the company’s chief executive Elon Musk dropped a very interesting comment into the conversation. He believes it is possible to create an affordable EV, in the price range $35,000, with a 200 mile journey capacity in the short to medium term. While he did not give an exact time for the release of such a vehicle he has in the past discussed 2017 as the point when he would like the company to be in a position to target the EV mass-market.

If it was anybody else connected with the electric vehicle industry discussing potential for the future, this kind of comment would likely be dismissed. However, Elon Musk has a reputation in the industry which few others can come anywhere near and the likelihood is that if he is saying this is possible his company is likely to be well down the road to creating such an offering.

Why is Tesla so confident?

Tesla has been the leading light in the luxury electric vehicle sector for some time now pushing the bar higher and higher and surprising many people along the way. This is a company which literally started from nothing and created an electric vehicle driving system and an array of luxury vehicles to go with this new technology. The company is very customer friendly, extremely cutting-edge and, as we suggested above, if entrepreneur CEO Elon Musk is talking about a 200 mile journey capacity EV costing around $35,000, then who are we to doubt him?

“There’s no doubt that the name of Elon Musk is synonymous with Tesla but where do you think Tesla would be today if Elon Musk had not been at the helm?”


This is a man who has surprised on numerous occasions, this is a man who recently released an amazing battery swapping system for the Tesla Model S and in reality it is Elon Musk who has dragged the electric vehicle industry kicking and screaming to where it is today.”

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