Tesla debuts Cybertruck


Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, unveiled their newest product: The Cybertruck EV. This is the first pick-up truck on the market, and scheduled to begin production in 2021.

Watch the highlights here:

This futuristic-looking heavy duty durable vehicle sports an ultra-hard stainless steel skeleton for extra safety. It even has a solar panel roof.

“The low-end Cybertruck, which has a single-motor and rear-wheel drive, should get 250 miles per charge. The dual-motor all-wheel-drive version, which will cost $49,900, should get 300 miles of range. And the trimotor with all-wheel drive will cost $69,900 with 500 miles of range.”

Tesla unveils its first electric pickup | CNBC

It’s like Blade Runner on wheels

Blade Runner (left) Blade Runner 2049 (right). Images courtesy of Warner Bros. Columbia Pictures

Cybertruck. Images courtesy of Tesla

This all-electric pickup truck will start at $39,900 (US) for the Single-Motor Rear-Wheel Drive version. Production is scheduled to begin in 2021, with the Dual Motor AWD and Tri Motor AWD set to go into production soon after.

The debut was highly anticipated as we know the pickup truck market is huge and EV trucks are in demand. Being the first to market with an electric truck will be another coup for Tesla. We eagerly await this versatile utility vehicle and will keep you up to date as the Cybertruck release approaches.

Why Tesla’s Cybertruck makes sense. Graphic courtesy of Statista

Cybertruck Specs:
Model: Single Motor RWD
Acceleration: 0-60 MPH <6.5 Seconds
Range: 250+ Miles
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive
Storage: 100 FT3
Vault length: 6.5 FT
Towing capacity: 7,500+ Lbs

Cybertruck. Images courtesy of Tesla

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