Tesla’s Toronto service centre lets you build your own car – sort of



We’ve been keeping a close watch on Tesla’s progress in Canada on The Electrical Blog lately and have been fascinated to see that their growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The luxury American electric vehicle company recently opened a new service centre in Toronto to complement its showroom at Yorkdale mall and was met with excited reports about their approach to customization.

For a city that enjoys their luxury vehicles, it should be no surprise that Tesla does well in Toronto. Their customers want the environmental benefits of an electric vehicle without sacrificing style, so Tesla delivers both.

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Auto123.com attended the opening and had this to say about the event:

“Tesla Motors celebrated the inauguration of its all-new service centre in Toronto on December 6th. Covering 17,000 square feet, the state-of-the-art facility will allow Tesla to better serve current and future customers in Ontario.

There’s an interactive touchscreen that can not only answer questions from potential buyers, but also help them build and customize their own Model S.

The rapidly expanding electric car maker now has four stores and galleries, as well as four service centres, across Canada — and nearly 60 stores and service centres worldwide, with more than 50 new facilities set to open in the next few months (mostly in Europe), including a service centre in Calgary.”

As Hybrid Cars reported:

Tesla has stores also in Montreal and Vancouver, and unlike U.S. stores being opposed by auto dealer associations, these have reportedly met with no opposition.

The company sells factory direct, and prefers to control the experience from start to finish. As it is with other Tesla stores, the new one in Toronto will have built cars and a stripped skateboard chassis on display, plus interactive info screen at the store and non-commissioned associates to answer questions.”

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Picture from: CTV News