EV Charging in Condos: One Bedford


There is something amazing happening at the corner of Bloor Street West & Bedford Road. By adding networked EV charging systems they are ready-set-go for the future. A valuable addition for all of the residents there and an amazing example for Toronto.

“There’s no question that One Bedford is the gold-standard in terms of the solution.”
Rob Detta Colli – Manager of Energy and Sustainability, Crossbridge Condominium Services

Join host Mark Marmer, of Signature Electric; David Forgione of One Bedford Condo and Rob Detta Colli of Crossbridge, as they explore the EV connected infrastructure installed throughout the building and discuss what it takes to do it right.

Watch the complete playlist on YouTube or view the full series here:

Introducing EV charging to One Bedford with some guests who helped push the initiative forward.


Power check: we go where most building evaluations start – inside the main electrical room.


Next we will discuss why being EV-ready is a valuable amenity for bringing a building together as a community.


Take a look at an Installed Networked EV Panel and learn how it communicates wirelessly.


Then we take a closer look at a working level-2 EV charger installed in a nearby parking space.


Finally we learn why establishing an EV Management Policy is a crucial element to success.


Stay tuned for more updates in our EV Charging in Condos series, as we continue to showcase the latest in electric vehicles and the future of condos…