Why EV Chargers are your Condos Next Must Have Amenity



The demand for electric cars is growing rapidly and, with it, the need for EV chargers. Public charging stations are appearing everywhere. No longer are gas stations and Highway 401 EV owners’ only options, as we are starting to see major retail companies, like Ikea, supporting sustainable transportation. With electric vehicles becoming relevant fairly quickly, it is vital for condo boards to make an effort in understanding the benefits of EV chargers on their property. They would not only be attracting a rising consumer market, but also contributing to Toronto’s efforts to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

We, at Signature Electric, have an incredible opportunity to reduce Toronto’s carbon footprint. With Toronto’s environmentally conscious culture growing at such a rapid rate, condos significantly benefit from being equipped with EV chargers. It compensates for a high demand of sustainable transportation and responds to the pressures of living an environmentally conscious lifestyle in the city. There are many reasons why people are switching to electric vehicles. Other than being energy efficient, individuals and families can save from rebates (between $5000 and $8500) supported by the Electric Vehicles Incentive Program. By installing EV chargers, condos would be providing opportunities for buyers looking to benefit from owning an electric vehicle.

Ontario’s leadership support extends to businesses and property owners as well. By installing EV chargers, the government will grant condo boards a chance to brand themselves with a point of differentiation through LEED points (a standard rating for environmentally friendly buildings in Canada). Long-term sustainability compliments Toronto’s progressive thinking. Offering home buyers an energy efficient environment will grant a unique perspective to what the condo practices. It is a way of attracting the growing body of electric vehicle owners looking for homes that support their transportation needs. LEED principles are making their way into Toronto’s condo market already with one in every 15 new developments currently achieving certification.

Condos encouraging the use of EVs will be able to say that their residents live with convenience. Residents save money, recharge their electric vehicles easily and, most importantly, make their city a greener place.

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