Thermographic Inspection: A quick Introduction


Simply speaking, thermographic inspections use specially designed infrared cameras to show variations in surface heat.

Thermographic Inspection- a quick introduction

The camera can be either video or still and their images, called thermograms, detect abnormal heat when inspecting electrical systems. This heat often results from excessive friction or unusually hot connections or components.

A professional thermographer uses this camera to see potential issues in electrical equipment like loose connections, weakening isolations, mechanical damage, or obstructed cooling. Thermographic inspection gives you a visual picture of the often — unseen issues in your electrical equipment.

People conduct thermographic inspections to:

  • Become aware of problems in electrical equipment before they occur
  • Avoid having to completely shut down their building due to electric failure
  • Maintain equipment effectively by responding to small issues
  • Prevent dangers resulting from failing electrical equipment



Want more tips? Download our handbook on Best Practices for Thermographic Inspection to learn even more!