EV Charging, a presentation for Del Condos


Sharing Expertise

On June 23rd, Mark had the opportunity to present to more than 100 property managers from Del. He talked about EV charging in Condominiums and EV control panels. This has been a topic attracting a lot of interest and attention from managers and board alike due to the emerging shift to sustainable living. Sharing his expertise, Mark familiarized attendees with the technology and installed systems, and how it can bring research paper writers value to both condo managers and their unit owners. The talk was received by everyone with excitement.

EV Control Panels

During the talk, Mark addressed concerns and questions condo managers have in regards to EV charging, installation, technology, and payment. Enthusiastically, he went on and explained the capabilities that EV control panels offer for both managers and residents. The control panels offer a capacity that can serve up to 12 EVs, consumption tracking and management, and easy interface showing the different users using the system. The essays online service provide managers and residents with an exceptional experience from start to finish due to its ease of use, reliability, and overall efficiency.


Disruptive Market Shifts

The presentation turned into a great discussion between the engaged audience and Mark, sharing questions and insights. It has become evidently clear how the industry is quickly transforming. People are investing more and more in clean technologies and electric vehicles, leading a major shift towards sustainable lifestyles. This is causing major changes in our environment, infrastructure, and residential buildings. Residents are also expecting service providers and their condo managers to be aware of the fast changes happening, support their choices, and share their experience. That is why this has been a very compelling topic that is being tackled throughout the industry.

Following the talk, a number of managers got to sit in and experience the Tesla Model S, which gave everyone a sense of the future and how the amazing emerging technologies are helping us move forward. Shaping the future and bringing it to life.