Delivering change in ground transportation


7Gen is electrifying the road to zero emissions.

The world revolves around ground transport. It plays a vital role in keeping domestic and international trade running. Our dependency on ground transport is growing from traditional brick-and-mortar to booming online shopping. Ground transport is the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). As the demand grows, it’s projected that by 2030, urban delivery emissions will increase by over 30%.


How can we lower GHGs while meeting the massive demand for ground transportation?


7Gen has an answer.


A Vancouver-based startup, 7Gen’s is accelerating the low carbon transition. They offer turnkey solutions for fleet managers adapting their vehicles to zero emissions. One of these was for Ikea’s shipping and receiving semi’s, and they needed a lot more than an allen key to turn their diesel gas tanks into batteries. Signature Electric was there to support their first Canadian installation.


Commitments to electrify are growing despite the commercial EV market being still in its infancy. Most companies haven’t incorporated them into their delivery strategy due to various factors – mainly vehicle availability. However, with net-zero corporate responsibilities and carbon pricing signals, 7Gen is well-positioned to take advantage of electrifying last-mile vehicles. As one of the first movers in the space in Canada and the only player that offers a holistic solution, they are on the cusp of substantial growth in North America. 


“7Gen’s role is to make their journey easier and financially attractive. We want to provide our customers with the structure to be able to capitalize on the savings on maintenance cost and energy that electric vehicles bring.”Frans Tjallingii, CEO of 7Gen


As EV technology advances, so will fleets of multinational corporations. Longer charge life in the EV batteries will allow larger trucks and farther travel. Signature Electric is proud to support companies like 7Gen. Helping to execute new EV ideas and make them a reality is part of our mission. 


Check out the installation video with Mark and Ali Syed from 7Gen. They discuss the EV fleet’s sustainability and scalability. Keep an eye out for further videos with Signature Electric on the setup, installation, and future of EVs in ground transportation.