Good News for EVs and Condos


The Globe and Mail published a report about condominiums solving logistical problems when adding electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The article compares the different regulations and incentives aimed at getting EV ready in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and California.

The article features our very own Mark Marmer on the value of condos becoming EV-friendly. Read the excerpt below:

Mark Marmer of Markham, Ont.-based electrical contractor Signature Electric Ltd., says many condo boards are confused right now about what they can and cannot do on the EV-charging front.

“At the moment, it’s very complex and cumbersome for condo boards, even if they want to do something. There are a lot of different little details, a whole education process before you can even get the attention of the board.”

Mr. Marmer says he’s getting more and more calls from condo corporations inquiring about how to get ready for the anticipated changes to the Condominium Act and possible updates to other provincial regulations as part of Ontario’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint by boosting EV use.

Investing now in charging-station infrastructure can end up paying off, he adds. “You can make your building stand out a little ahead of the others.”

Click here to read the full Globe and Mail article: Condos grappling with demand for electric vehicle charging stations.

Let’s accommodate the future by building EV infrastructure and charging stations in condos.