Podcast: Get A Grip On Lighting


Mark Marmer of Signature Electric made a recent guest appearance on the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast, hosted by Michael Colligan and Greg Ehrich.

Listen to this forward-looking conversation on:

  • EVs in condos
  • Home charging technology
  • The growing demand for EVs
  • AI and the autonomous future
  • Green energy in Ontario
  • And much more…

The full episode titled ‘That’s Called Merchandising’ is below. Whether you want to watch the video or listen to the audio:

Watch the video:

Listen to the audio:

Special thanks to Michael and Greg of Get A Grip On Lighting for the great discussion. Let’s get excited about the future ahead. We look forward to hearing more fascinating conversations.

“The next show you know how to start, ask me about energy storage.”
Mark Marmer, THE Lighting Podcast (Episode 107)

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