A Canadian milestone of automotive engineering


The grand unveiling of Project Arrow


At the Canadian International AutoShow, we witnessed a remarkable milestone in sustainable transportation—The Arrow—a zero-emission, smart vehicle powered by a partnership of over 50 Canadian suppliers and built by students at Ontario Tech University. Project Arrow was envisioned by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) and made a reality thanks to the funding of C$8 million from FedDev Ontario and OVIN. 

We spoke with Marissa Kubien, one of the students who worked on The Arrow, to talk about how they brought it to life. Marissa and her classmates Izzy Cossarin, Joseph Komar, and Andrew Genovese worked together at the University’s ACE wind tunnel. “I was in there with a ratchet, assembling components late into the night, trying to put all the pieces together.” The students had to keep Project Arrow a secret for a long time, but they’re thrilled to share this achievement in Canadian engineering. 

We also asked about the increasing presence of women in engineering. Kubien was proud to highlight the role of Paula Ambra, the Ontario Tech ACE Project Arrow Engineering Lead, as a great example of diversity and inclusivity in the industry. “Once we start to see more women in engineering, people will begin to accept it, which is an excellent upward trend.”

As for the vehicle itself, The Arrow features a state-of-the-art solar-panel roof and a 3D-printed chassis. Its cutting-edge driver’s seat and steering wheel can detect medical emergencies and direct the car to the closest hospital, providing extra safety and security.

With this incredible example of Canadian innovation, we are optimistic that Project Arrow will bring revolutionary changes to the industry and positively impact our environment!

Watch the full interview here.