Tesla Takeover at State Street Charging Ahead


Signature Electric oversees their largest installation of Tesla chargers yet

Will Rogers said, “The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spots.”

For some, this quote is a cautionary tale. To the passionate installers of EV chargers, parking spots are the road to success, especially parking garages. They represent the health of the planet and the future of electric vehicles. We are pleased to see more and more buildings getting with the EV program, thanks to rising customer demand and new regulations. Soon, you will see EV chargers everywhere you go. State Street Financial Centre is one where you will find 60 of them ― most are Tesla chargers and some J17-72s for other electric cars. This one has been our largest one-time installation just yet!
State Street’s slogan is “the tools and support you need to run your business.”

Signature Electric went in with the tools and support for State Street to serve their staff and tenants.

It’s always challenging to work around the existing layout and levels. Nothing is ever where you want it to be. With this amount of chargers, there are a few vital things to consider.
  • How will we move electricity from the electrical room to the chargers? What’s the best path?
  • Are there opportunities for power-sharing between chargers?
  • Will we have enough overhead clearance to keep the transformers off the floor?
  • Safety is our first concern. Where will we place emergency disconnects that won’t affect the path of electricity?
  • The biggest issue we’ve encountered in our parking experience is cable management. It’s always an obstacle, but we are fortunate to have experience turning the obstacle into the way.
We decided to group charging units in strategic spots throughout the parkade. Our aim was to maintain cleanliness, and so we did not use Tesla’s standard 25-foot cord. Instead, we used an 8-footer and secured them at a specific height. This way, when it’s returned to the charger, there’s no need to worry about wrangling or wrapping. The plug goes back into its home and is ready for the next driver. In a perfect world, the cable is at a length to reach the charging port that keeps it off the ground when the car pulls in.

To see exactly what we did at Adelaide Street, watch our after-install walk-through.

Why does this matter?

EVs are an essential component of Grid Innovation, setting our society on the road to a smarter grid, one more reliable, efficient, and flexible than the outdated model invented over a hundred years ago. You can count on seeing more EVs on the road, more innovations powering the electrical grid, and more advancements in generating clean, sustainable electricity.

How did we troubleshoot for 60 EV chargers???