Autoshow puts the breaks on 2022


Toronto AutoShow no show


Car enthusiasts were more than a little excited that plans were in motion to return to an in-person event for the 2022 AutoShow. We’ve been anxiously waiting since February 2020, the last global event. With expected guest numbers of more than 330,000 people, it’s no surprise they chose to cancel. All of our health is much more important than getting a sneak peek at the cars of tomorrow.

We were planning on checking out the F-150 Lightning in action. The new truck features Ford’s intelligent backup power, which gives homeowners the ability to transfer power to the house rather than pull from it. In the case of a blackout, the truck can keep your power running for three days! Contractors will fall in love with the console table that folds up to create a work surface. Now your car will indeed be your office. And your front desk might actually fit in their FRUNK!

We will just have to dream about sitting in the Cybertruck,Rivian R1T or Nissan’s New Electric Ariya. There’s also a new truck designed by an EV start-up that’s starting to make significant new waves. Just take a look at their Alpha Wolf, an electric pick-up truck that screams 80’s in the most future-forward way.

Two-thirds* of guests said they were planning to attend because they’re in the market for an electric vehicle. Maybe, like us, they’ve kept on top of all the new EV offerings from their favourite automakers and were hoping to make a purchase and head into 2022 in style. Perhaps they saw themselves in Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell masterpiece, the Mirai, the GM Volt, Volkswagen e-Golf, the Mini Cooper EV or the slick Mercedes-Benz EQ? Whatever EV they had their eye on, the stat is really encouraging.

With another year off, rapid changes within the industry and especially because of mandates to reach zero emissions by the year 2035, the 2023 AutoShow is sure to be the one that sends us into the future.


*Full details of the consumer survey can be found on the AutoShow media website.