EV charging stations increasing in Ontario and Quebec



As we recently posted, B.C. has been working hard to rid electric vehicle owners of the limitations of having to recharge their EV battery, but residents of Ontario and Quebec will now have some similar initiatives to look forward to. CTV News posted this article about two Canadian groups eager to introduce more quick-charging stations in each province.

Many people commenting on the article talked about how a charging station between Toronto and Montreal was much needed and it sounds like these new locations would help.

“Hydro-Quebec and Plug’nDrive Ontario are teaming up to develop a network of electric vehicle charging stations in both provinces.

 The public utility and Ontario non-profit coalition said Friday that a joint working group will select initial locations and find private and public partners.

 No timeline for the opening of the first stations was disclosed.

 The two groups say the rollout of quick-charging public stations is needed to support the arrival of plug-in electric cars.

 The network will be inspired by the business model of Quebec’s Electric Circuit which is already in operation.

 Plug’nDrive CEO Cara Clairman says expanding public charging infrastructure is crucial to their widespread use, even though most electric cars will be charged at home during evenings.

 “This project will not only provide an infrastructure link between Ontario and Quebec, but establish a business model upon which future public charging networks in other jurisdictions can be based,” she said.” (CTV News) 

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