Stop driving, keep moving



Driving your own vehicle is slowly becoming a chore rather than a necessary task as car companies roll out their own versions of automatic, self-driving cars. Take Mercedes’ newest reveal at the Consumer Electronics show, the F015 Luxury in Motion and the feeling of self-driving cars being ‘too futuristic’ or ‘excessive’ becomes completely irrelevant.

It not only enables the driver and passenger seat to fully rotate so as to facilitate face-to-face conversations but it also boasts a digital wonderland for those who’d rather watch Jimmy Fallon skits on Youtube. With six high-resolution displays operated via touch and eye tracking, the choice is kind of easy. With this reveal at CES, Mercedes marks the turning point of self-driving cars turning into solutions to the problems we didn’t even know we had.


Ever feel like you, as the driver, are getting too distracted from the road because you just want to interact and have fun with your friends in the car? How about those times you’re running late for work and didn’t get the chance to eat, do your makeup, read that report, etc? Maybe your child got sick in the backseat and needs your help immediately. Those things are quite hard to address when you’re still driving a car that requires you to operate it but completely manageable when all you have to do is be in the driver’s seat.

While it may seem novel, and may be out of most people’s price range, self driving cars are becoming the norm. Google’s self driving car program already has 140,000 miles (225308.16KM) under its tires and they are not slowing down anytime soon. 
Stay tuned for more on self driving cars.