Navigating the transition to electric fleets


Insights from the Toronto Trucking Association Site Tour

Signature Electric recently joined the conversation at the Toronto Trucking Association Site Tour, sharing our expertise and insights on fleet electrification. Mark Marmer and industry experts engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas and practical strategies, focusing on the journey toward integrating EVs into fleet operations. Thanks to the Toronto Trucking Association, Volvo, Vision Truck Group, and Checker Flag for being part of this exciting opportunity.

Key learnings:

Volvo’s electric truck evolution: Volvo is pioneering with their electric trucks, integrating advanced technology to ease the transition for fleet operators.

Aligning with business needs Currently, electric trucks are ideal for short-range deliveries, making them a sound choice for businesses looking to evolve while increasing efficiency.

Advancing fleet charging infrastructure: A major focus was developing robust charging infrastructure, with strategic charger placement and selection key.

Simplifying driver training for EVs: Training drivers for electric trucks is becoming more streamlined, facilitating broader adoption.

Importance of government support and infrastructure: The session underscored the need for government incentives and a strong infrastructure to integrate electric vehicles into fleet operations effectively.

Time to take action: With a clear consensus on the role of electric vehicles in advancing sustainable fleet operations, the moment has come to step up and lead this transformation in the industry.


Watch our video to see Mark Marmer’s insights and more from the session.