Powering ahead at the EV & Charging Expo



At this year’s EV and Charging Expo, we had the pleasure of interviewing Nino Di Cara, Founder and President at Electric Autonomy, who shared insights into the evolving landscape of electric vehicles and the show’s impressive growth.

Innovations and expanding participation

Reflecting on the expo’s growth and focus, Nino remarked, “The EV and Charging Expo is about accelerating the transition to electrification. Our goal is to bring together everyone interested in EVs—from the vehicles and charging infrastructure to energy management systems and the entire ecosystem of contracting and engineering that supports this transition.”

This year, the expo featured a more diverse range of exhibitors, including utility companies like Toronto Hydro and Electra and several financial services. Such diverse exhibitors provide the necessary support for those investing in EV infrastructure and showcase how the transition can be economically viable.

Electrifying connections

The Expo showcased top technology and hardware providers like Charge Hub and Deloitte, with major automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, GM, and Volkswagen displaying their latest EV models. Innovative products like electric Zambonis highlighted practical applications of EV technology, while utilities such as Toronto Hydro and Electra were also present.

With exhibitors from Canada and around the globe, including Korea, Singapore, Europe, and the US, Nino DeCaro praised the collaborative spirit of the EV community, emphasizing the importance of knowledge sharing in advancing electrification.

The future and beyond 

The event also saw a notable increase in attendance and participation. “We’re up about 25% on attendees from last year. The show floor has doubled in size,” Nino shared enthusiastically.

The EV Charging Expo 2024 was a testament to the rapid advancements and collaborative efforts driving the future of fleet electrification. With industry leaders like Nino Di Cara leading the charge, the path to a sustainable, electric future looks promising and achievable.