Where’s the closest charger?


Leave that question in the past as The Atmospheric Fund and Signature Electric charge into the future.

If you drive an electric vehicle, you know that question well. That question becomes a concern when driving an unfamiliar route or long-distance trip. Part of the EV design includes notification of nearby charging stations. Yet, there is a disparity in the placement of chargers across the GTHA.
Enter The Atmospheric Fund (TAF). TAF invests in low-carbon solutions that benefit the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Launched on January 25, 2022, TAF aims to fund an even distribution of EV chargers across the GTHA. The logic is that the more charger locations, the quicker the move to electric vehicles.


Planning and installing EV charging stations takes time, skill, and money. TAF is here to ease the process. Working with TAF provides four significant benefits for interested parties.

Turnkey Service
TAF has partnered with companies, including Signature Electric. These experts will bring project planning, hardware, networking and installation skills.

Technical Advisor
Plan and execute the installation that delivers the broadest range of returns. All guided by an experienced partner.

Installation Package
Each installation has unique considerations. Hardware, networking, and installation bundles should help you plan your project.

Additional Funding
Receive an extra rebate of up to $1,000 for advisory support for an expert to assist with the process.

We’re about to see more EVs in the GTHA, and Signature Electric is ready to roll! Interested municipalities and companies can take advantage of these benefits now. Visit TAF’s website to see if you qualify or reach out to the Signature Electric team with any questions.